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This site exposes the shocking and extensive unprofessional conduct by discovery proxy -Anthony Millar -who ,courtesy of the infiltration of the law society council by Discovery proxies, now taints and shames the once proud record of the law society of the northern province, by his presence on its council .

The affidavits and YouTube interviews on this site, comprise a tiny sample of the thousands of poor black road accident victims touted and exploited by Millar from Natalspruit hospital during the past decade or more.

The law has always required that attorneys who tout, as Millar has and continues to do, be struck off the roll .

Sadly the law society has inexplicably failed to do its duty in respect of Millar, and has simply swept the uncontested affidavits of dozens of millar clients, 3 independent investigators who interviewed them, and the tout himself, under the carpet in secret behind closed doors.

The only inference is that there was gross irregularity, as the law society refuses to make the transcript of the secret proceedings available to the complainants ,despite repeated requests for same .

Now that Millar is, due to Discovery infiltrating the law society, its president, he will obviously ensure that that remains so.