SAAPIL & RBP have lodged approximately twenty affidavits by former clients of Norman Berger & Anthony Millar who were all touted from Natalspruit Hospital. Despite the affidavits having been deposed to freely and voluntarily by these former clients to independent investigators an “independent journalist” Tony Beamish who has been colluding with Berger, Millar and Discovery Health against RBP stated in a Noseweek article that Ronald Bobroff had concocted the affidavits against Norman Berger & Partners.

  1. Video Interviews with some of Miller's touted clients

  2. Some affidavits of former Berger & Millar touted clients and tout

  3. Affidavits of investigators regarding touted clients Jabu

  4. Letter sent to Discovery members soliciting instructions

  5. Affidavit of RBP client C Coleman

  6. Affidavit of RBP client M Mthunzi

  7. Affidavit of RBP client Martha Kok

  8. Stolen RBP client documents sent to Beamish to tout for Millar

  9. Email by Beamish to co conspirators regarding RBP