In March 2012 there was significant furore in the media when Ronald Bobroff challenged and exposed Discovery’s non-compliance with the Medical Schemes Act and its failure to disclose to prospective members and admitted members of the scheme, that road accident generated medical costs and care are excluded in terms of Discovery’s policy and rules. This is never disclosed to the member until the member of his or her dependent sustains injuries in a road accident and is then confronted with a demand to immediately sign an unlawful undertaking to claim from the RAF at the member’s own risk and cost and which undertaking contains the threat to immediately terminate care to the victim and to reclaim the cost of care already rendered.  CLICK HERE to read the unlawful undertaking document.

The latest updates regarding this issue will be published here as they develop and website viewers are encouraged to enquire for anyone who they know is a member of Discovery medical aid whether such person was ever informed of these terms and conditions and whether such person ever received a detailed summary of Discovery’s Rules when they first became a member of Discovery. This does not refer to the annual benefits booklet.

Bobroff court picture


Discovery’s attorney George Van Niekerk of ENS stated in an affidavit that Discovery are not involved directly or indirectly in attacking RBP, yet Discovery’s in house debt collector Jeffrey Katz, his staff and proxy attorneys are seated in a courtroom in a matter relating to RBP.

Summary of the latest media articles regarding Discovery