RBP dismisses “trusted” former bookkeeper Bernadine Van Wyk aka Janse van Rensburg aka Burgers on ascertaining that she was a multiple fraudster - she has been convicted on no less than ten occasions of fraud by false pretences and served time in prison She was allegedly, in terms of affidavits in our possession, last year offered employment by Discovery Medical Aid, whilst she was assisting them, via one of their proxies in their vendetta against RBP.

She concealed her convictions which she now brushes off as merely “a mistake” when she applied for employment at RBP as well as at two other firms of Attorneys by whom she was previously employed.

RBP has been furnished with an affadavit by an attorney which describes how Van Wyk stole R1.3 million Rands from him in 2008.  He has pressed criminal charges against her, and she is currently on the run from the police in this regard.  Beamish describes her as "couragious"!