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Cora attacks a co RBP worker for disclosing that Cora did indeed receive special training at a Russian university:

2015/01/05, 9:09:13 AM: Lizanne: Jy is die enigste persoon vir wie ek vertel het dat ek en my pa in Rusland was in 1992 toe die Russian Amrrican University my uitgenooi het. Nou blaker Bobroff aan almal uit dat ek spesiale opleiding in Rusland ondergaan het. Het jy die snert aan hom verkoop?


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Tweets by Tony Beamish about a "gift", in the form of a hard drive containing "evidence" - CLICK HERE TO READ


Cora confesses to stealing RBP confidential material and sending it to co -conspirator Beamish - CLICK HERE TO READ


Coras report to Attorney Berlowitz on Millars fraudulent bill to poor black touted client - CLICK HERE TO READ


An E-mail from Cora containing her report on Mr Tony Berlowitz and her inspection summary in the matter of Mashiloane - CLICK HERE TO READ


Rbp staff rubbish allegations by Van Der Merwe, that investigator Paul o Sullivan kidnapped her! - CLICK HERE TO READ


Van Der Merwe denies studying in Russia:

From: "Cora Van der Merwe" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date: 13 December 2012 at 19:25:50 GMT+11
To: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Subject: censored - prescribing 3/1/2013

Dear Mr Bobroff

The matter of censored is under control - Client whose husband died As a result of delayed diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes.

Matter prescribes 3/1/2013. Received report by Dr Promnitz yesterday. We struggled to get an endocrinologist to assist with an opinion.

Counsel is busy drafting the POC and summons will go out tomorrow.



Dear Sir

Up to and including October 2014, Ms Cora Van Der Merwe, had been employed by this office in various capacities but eventually as a Candidate Attorney.

After we became aware that she had been recruited by Attorney Anthony Millar to serve his, and Discovery Health’s interests as an agent in our Practice, she was interviewed by Forensic Investigator, Mr Paul O’Sullivan and his assistant, to whom she admitted having stolen confidential Practice and client information off the Practice server and making this available to her and Millar’s accomplice, “reporter” Mr Anthony Beamish.

After Ms Van Der Merwe was charged in respect of the aforesaid before an independent chairman, and after hours of evidence were led, she requested to be permitted to resign rather than be found guilty of serious dishonesty and unprofessional conduct. A settlement agreement was entered into, as prepared by herself and her counsel, after lengthy consultations with her attorney.

Unsurprisingly, given what we have come to know about her, she reneged from such agreement the following day. She has thereafter been engaged in concert with Millar and Beamish in an ongoing campaign of harassment against the Practice and its Directors and staff.

An indication of the calibre of the wholly reprehensible person that she is, her dishonesty, malice and psychological imbalance is graphically illustrated in the shocking  and manufactured photographs and emails she produced and thereafter emailed to the husband of one of our secretaries, as also to the wife of RBP Director, Darren Bobroff.

As will be noted from the attached emails, she manipulated images from the practice website so as to create an image of Darren Bobroff together with Ms Joan Burger, and inserted between the two an image of Ms Burger’s child. She then attached this manufactured image to the WhatsApp distributed to Ms Burger’s husband, Mr D Bobroff and his wife, and which alleged that Darren Bobroff had fathered the child and in a further WhatsApp attached she enquired how much Mr. D Bobroff paid Ms. Burger to have a child. I attach a copy of a protection order Ms. Burger obtained against Ms. Van Der Merwe.

It is hard to comprehend a greater degree of depravity, dishonesty and malice than appears from Van Der Merwe’s emails which were clearly aimed at wrecking the marriages of Ms. Burger and Mr. D Bobroff.

Needless to say her allegations were baseless.

She has also alleged, as an excuse for her theft of material from our practice server, that she did so in the course of making a protected disclosure to the Law Society. Given that virtually every piece of material stolen off our server could not remotely be regarded as information falling within a protected disclosure, she admitted at her disciplinary hearing in the agreement prepared by her counsel that any allegations made by her were unfounded.

Given her serial dishonesty we are unaware whether she has in fact sent any material to the Law Society, to the extent that she has, anything she might have said would be false and in line with the gross dishonesty and malice which is so apparent from what she has done and as is referred to above.

Please acknowledge receipt hereof.