Bernadine van WykDiscovery stops at nothing in the pursuance of its vendetta and recruits RBP bookkeeper - ten times convicted fraudster and jailbird - Bernadine van Wyk also know as Janse van Rensburg to set up RBP by way of dodgy bookkeeping entries.

Despite junior law society Reddy legally parroting van Wyks lies and using them to substantiate his malicious allegation that "the firm poses a risk to the Attorneys Fidelity Fund", the truth came out eventually, and the court appointed curator to the Practice, after having access to all the Practices records and files reported:

- that the Practices trust account balanced to the cent. i.e. no shortfall to   clients.

- not a single claim had been made by any of the praatices thousands of former clients against the Attorneys Fidelity Fund - a fund set up by the profession to repay the clients of attorneys who stole clients trust funds in the course of their Practice.

Relevant portions of the report attached hereto - CLICK HERE TO         READ

Letter from the attorneys Fidelity fund attached hereto - CLICK HERE     TO READ

 Sworn statement by attorney Schalk De Bruyn re Van Wyks theft -  CLICK HERE TO READ

Charge Sheet for Bernadine van Wyk CLICK HERE TO READ 

Email from Estate Agent to Bernadine regarding property availble to purchase in Kensington CLICK HERE TO READ 

 Affidavit of Liza Bouwer regarding Bernadine van Wyk CLICK HERE TO READ 

 "Discovery and Anthony Millar's proxy, multiple convicted fraudster and thief Bernadine van Wyk, steals R1.3 million from Attorney du Bruyn, in addition to setting up RBP for Discovery, in return for employment and other rewards from Discovery. Discovery media stooge Beamish, described her as "courageous" in one of his meanspirited doggerel articles in Noseweek." - CLICK HERE TO READ