Response to Sydney Morning Herald Article

Discovery which has now commenced doing business in Sydney and Melbourne, and as has been the case with the Citizen, Sunday Times and the Jewish Report, which sadly reflect what has become of South Africa’s once world class media (Business Day excluded) ,has successfully, directly or indirectly colluded with the Sally Rawsthorne employed by Sydney Morning Herald which is part of the Fairfax Group, and which regularly features as a defendant in defamation actions; to parrot the ongoing lies published since January 2014 by Discovery's hired media assassin Beamish and his cronies including Ant Katz of the Jewish Report, Graeme Hosken of the Sunday Times and Laura du Preez.

Social media connections with Discovery’s gang in South Africa,  including Beamish, Hosken, Discovery's Jeffrey Katz, taken together with the fact that Katz tweeted Rawsthornes malicious article almost simultaneously as she did, follows her on twitter, and that she follows Sunday Times journalist Graeme Hosken, graphically illustrates the collusion involved. Click here to view the tweets

Rawsthorne clearly lacks any sense of decency. She arrived unannounced at the door of Ronald’s home early Friday morning 3rd August 2018, and rang the doorbell incessantly until Ronald came downstairs, and without opening the door he enquired who was there. Rawsthorne responded that she was from the Sydney Morning Herald and that she wished to interview him concerning the South African Interpol Red Notices. Ronald partly openend the door whilst still in his pyjamas and told Rawsthorne that he had been awake all night due to the pain caused by a fractured ankle, apologised for his appearance and told Rawsthorne that he would be happy to speak with her if she just wait ten to fifteen minutes for him to shower and dresss.

Whilst this interchange took place Rawsthorne or her photographer Jani Barrett who had accompanied her, surreptitiously took a photo of Ronald in his pyjamas, but never disclosed this , and went through the charade of persuading Ronald and Darren to agree to what was probably at least twenty photographs in twenty poses, because, as Rawsthorne put it, "we want our readers to see how you and Darren are living and the stress you are under".

What kind of people are they?

During the interview Ronald took Rawsthorne through the history of Discovery's seven year vendetta against Ronald and Darren and the Practice of RBP Inc., and which commenced after Ronald and Darren in the course of defending Practice clients, Mark and Jody Bellon stumbled upon Discovery's decades of institutionalised defrauding of its members who had sustained injuries during road accidents.

Ronald went on to tell Rawsthorne that the Council of the Law Society upon being informed by Ronald at its January 2011 monthly meeting what he had ascertained concerning Discovery, was told by those of its councillors who conducted Plaintiff Personal Injury Practices, that they and their clients had experienced similar unlawful threats and demands. The Council of the  Law Society then resolved to send an advisory to its 16 000 members warning them to be vigilant in protecting their clients interests against unlawful demands and threats made of them and their clients by any medical aid. Click here to view the 1st LSNP Advisory sent out to members dated 1 February 2011 and Click here to read the Law Society's 2nd advisory sent to members dated 15 April 2011

Ronald informed Rawsthorne, and on the same day mailed her these advisories, as also a threatening letter which Katz had sent to the Law Society Click here to view letter threatening to sue it.

On the last page of his second letter Katz disclosed the true reason for his and his employers anger and which was that after the Law Society had sent its advisories to its members, Discovery’s illegal rake off extorted from those of its members who had sustained injuries in road accidents, abruptly dwindled to 25% of the hundreds of millions it had for decades duressed out of its vulnerable members.

Ronald explained to Rawsthorne that given that Katz was receiving millions of rands in commission based on the hundreds of millions extorted by him and his staff from their helpless victims, one could understand why Katz and his employers – the obscenely wealthy directors of Discovery would endorse the repeated threat publically made by Katz, that as revenge for Ronald and Darren(doing what lawyers are supposed to do in fearlessly defending their clients), inadvertantly exposing his and Discovery's fraudulent and illegal conduct,he/Discovery threatened that  “no matter what it takes, no matter what its costs, we will destroy you all”.

For reasons only known to Rawsthorne, and most likely so as to deflect readers attention from the real reason for Discovery's having waged war against Ronald, Darren and their Practice, rambled on about a comment Ronald had made to her, and not in the words used by him when Ronald explained to her why there was a strong political agenda behind certain government interests which had clearly facililtated the collusion between Discovery's attorney George van Niekerk and other partners of Edward Nathan being able to improperly influence the National Prosecuting Authority, and a senior member fo the Hawks.

That was on account of the attorneys profession having elected Ronald to lead the professions opposition to decades of ongoing efforts by successive minsters of transport, and CEO’s of the Road Accident Fund to try remove the legal profession from playing any meaningful role within the Road Accident Fund Compensation Scheme, and thereby reduce the levels of compensation available, to road accident victims most of whom to be poor persons of colour, to neglible levels.

Further that Ronald had been successful together with a number of other dedicated attorneys in frustrating the South African Governments efforts to plunder the billions of rands in the road accident fund, as has been the case in every other South African parastal/organisation including Eskom (The electricity supply commission) South African Airways and many others.

Ronald informed Rawsthorne that Katz had threatened RBP director Stephen Bezuidenhout that he/Discovery would "destroy you all", and that Bezuidenhout had deposed to an affidavit filed in court Click here to read affidavit deposed to by Stephen Bezuidenhout, and that Katz had uttered the identical threat to senior advocate Nazeer Cassim S.C in a matter where Mr Cassim represented the firm, and that advocate Cassim had reported the threat to Ronald, and in an email offered to testify in respect thereof .Click here to view email by Advocate Cassim S.C.

Ronald forwarded Rawsthorne a copy of Bezuidenhouts affidavit and a copy of Cassims email, and referred specifically in a mail addressed to her and which is available for reading at the foot of this comment, but of course Rawsthorne had obviously been instructed not to mention Discovery or anything negative about it, and only coyly referred to an "Insurers operatives", but had no difficulty in continuously defaming Ronald and Darren by way of allegations allegedly made by a former RBP client, which she did not put to Ronald or Darren for their response, as she oobviously preferred not having to put the response which would have been that neither of them had dealt with that matter, were aware of what had transpired once that deceased clients wife had been touted by Discovery proxy Anthony Millar, and between the two of the concocted a perjured affidavit.

Ronald referred her to the way in which Discovery’s media assassin Tony Beamish, had together with Discovery proxy Attorney Anthony Millar recruited Cora van der Merwe, a 50 year old woman whom Ronald had agreed to employ as a candidate attorney, notwithstanding her having had what may be politely referred to as a colourful past; to steal material from the Practice relating to its clients, its files, and even directors personal documents including will and family trust deeds for them.

Ronald went on to inform Rawsthorne that van der Merwe had been exposed by South Africa’s renowned forensic investigation Mr Paul O’Sullivan, and that she had made a full confession to him and his assistant Ms Melissa Naidu, during an interview with her at the Practices offices, that she had been recruited by Beamish to steal RBP Practice, client and directors personal information off the Practices server for Beamish and Millar.Click here to read Mr. O'Sullivans affidavit in this regard

Ronald also told Rawsthorne about Pauls fearless anti-corruption campaigns in South Africa, that Paul had apparently spent time in the employ of the United Kingdom Intelligence Agency MI-6, and had exposed South Africa’s then commissioner of Police and head of Interpol for the corrupt scoundrel that he was, which led to his being sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.

She then went on using wording clearly intended to depict Ronald as some sort of crackpot, when she maliciously and falsely stated “he detailed the plot of the fake kidnapping of a former spy of the USSR, infiltrated into his law firm... Erin Brockovitch and MI6.

See below where Rawsthornes dishonesty and lack of any semblance of journalistic ethics are exposed.

The Transcript of Ronald’s recording of the interview below demonstrates exactly how contrived and misleading Rawsthornes articles have been, how she scrupulously protects Discovery and its proxies, and deliberately fails to mention any of the true facts which would provide readers with an understanding of how and why Ronald and Darren have been victimised for defending Practice clients, speaking truth to power and that they have done nothing whatsoever wrong.

Ronald detailed how Discovery’s attorneys Messrs Edward Nathan had hijacked the council of the Law Society on behalf of its biggest client Discovery, when unrelenting efforts by its attorney George van Niekerk of ENS Cape Town to harass and manipulate the Law Society into serving as his and his client’s pawn had failed.

Ronald forwarded Rawsthorne three affidavits deposed to by successive Law Society Presidents fingering Discovery and its attorney George van Niekerk of using former RBP client Mr Graham and his wife as pawns, in what in reality were court applications in which, “the relief (orders), provided for in the Notice of Motion (i.e. the Court Application), is essentially not sought by the Grahams, but by van Niekerk and/or Discovery, on whose behalf van Niekerk acts. It is abundantly clear that the Applicants (the Grahams) play a secondary role in these proceedings)”.

Ronald also forwarded Rawsthorne extracts from an explosive affidavit prepared by the Law Society’s attorneys on its behalf, describing in detail the collusion between Millar, Beamish and van Niekerk in the vendetta and the malicious attacks on RBP’s law society complaint contingency fee agreements.

Ronald also informed Rawsthorne of the attempt which was made by the newly appointed Discovery controlled council in November 2015, to sanitise that affidavit by removing its most incriminating paragraph 14. Click here to read the original paragraph 14. However because the rest of the affidavit was replete with numerous and detailed exposures of the corrupt activities of Millar, Beamish and van Niekerk; the Discovery puppet Law Society Council discarded that affidavit entirely and replaced it with one tailored to suite Discovery’s agenda to destroy Ronald, Darren and their Practice.

Whereas the previous independent Law Society Council prior to its hijacking by Discovery’s attorneys Edward Nathan, had stood for honesty and principle, that was no longer the case, and effectively the puppet council from November 2015, became little more than an extension of Discovery’s firm of attorneys.

Notwithstanding all this and having received all relevant documents Rawsthorne simply ignored them all, as that would hardly suite her agenda and that of those whose interests she was serving. Click here to read Millar's letter to the Law Society with a requisition compelling the Law Society to hold a special meeting of its members, and with every signature on that requisition being exclusively that of Discovery's Katz, his proxy Millar and every partner of Discovery’s attorneys Edward Nathan. Click here to view a selection of quotes from the three affidavits filed in court by the Law Society fingering Discovery and accusing van Niekerk and the grahams of perjury. Click here to view the sanitized paragraph 14 from the discarded Law Society affidavit, more substantial extracts from the discarded affidavit may be viewed on this website.

Discovery’s Jeffrey Katz who received millions in commissions on the hundreds of millions of rands he and his staff illegally and immorally extorted out of injured and helpless members of Discovery captive medical aid scheme, who had sustained injuries in road accidents, became enraged at the prospect of his ill-gotten gains being exposed, and abruptly terminated, consequent upon Ronald and Darren’s exposure of his and his employers deceitful and fraudulent conduct.

Any journalist worthy of the title would have afforded Ronald and Darren an opportunity of responding to any third party allegations which they intended publishing, but of course given Rawsthorne’s clear agenda, and clearly pursued in collusion with Discovery’s Beamish and Hosken, she deliberately did not do so, but nevertheless published false allegations by the wife of since deceased RBP client, Mark Chetty and in the context of the quote she attributes to Sandy Chetty, it is highly unlikely that Rawsthorne interviewed this woman, but rather simply regurgitated what had been published by her colluder Hosken in the Sunday Times, and who had also not afforded Ronald or Darren via their attorney an opportunity of commenting on Sandy Chetty’s allegations.

Although neither Ronald or Darren represented Mark Chetty, whose extremely difficult claim (it turned out he was drunk at the time of the accident and probably caused same),Sandy Chetty is quoted as stating that “ the firm’s partners enriched themselves off our pain and suffering”. “They dragged everything out, raising the costs. We were told by the RAF [Road Accident Fund] we would get 8 million rand, but when we got to court the Bobroffs told us they had signed the settlement for 4.2 million rand,”.

Her late husband’s claim, as she was well aware was attended to by an RBP employed lawyer together with advocates Zubair Khan and Ian Zidel SC whose photographs appear below below, and who together achieved an outstanding result for the late Mark Chetty, and who together with his wife were ecstatic at the outcome of the claim (and understandably so as Chetty having driven drunk, may well have been the cause of the accident) and the fee charged to him in terms of the Practices Contingency Fees Act Agreement.

Z Khan Advocate Zubair Khan

 ian zidel  Advocate Ian Zidel SC


Rawsthorne states that “two other former staff members, Bernadine van Wyk and Cora van der Merwe, claim the Bobroffs overcharged clients and breached their legal bookkeeping obligations”, but she did not put allegations attributable to van Wyk and van der Merwe to Ronald or Darren so that they could comment on or rebut same, yet she remained coyly silent about van Wyk having been convicted on ten counts of fraud by false pretences, having being imprisoned, having being bribed by Discovery through its proxy attorney Anthony Millar to deliberately set up the Practice for an audit by the South African Revenue Services, after she had effected certain dodgy entries in the Practices books of account on the one hand, and ignored instructions to effect required entries in such books, as also that van Wyk had stolen R1.3million rand from attorney Schalk de Bruyn by whom she was previously employed, nor that van Wyk had confided much of this to the Practices receptionist Ms Liza Bouwer, and whose affidavit describing this had been forwarded to Rawsthorne, who simply ignored this all.

Similarly whilst Rawsthorne was happy to refer to Cora van der Merwe and van Wyks claim that “the Bobroffs overcharged clients and breached their legal bookkeeping obligations” she kept silent about van der Merwes confession to forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan Click here to read affidavit by Forensic Investigator Paul O'Sullivan (of her recruitment by Beamish and theft of extensive amount of material off RBP's Practice server, her fabricated allegations of kidnapping against O’Sullivan and his assistant – which was thrown out by the court (Click here to read the judgment aquitting Paul O'Sullivan) and in which the Magistrate labelled van der Merwe as an evasive liar, and her theft for Beamish and Millar of RBP Practice, client and directors material as “malicious and unlawful”; despite Ronald having fully informed Rawsthorne of these facts and forwarding her O'Sullivans affidavit and the judgment acquitting O'Sullivan.

Ronald informed Rawsthorne that;

  • Cora van der Merwe was initially fiercely loyal to the Practice, and had taken great exception to the way in which Discovery proxy Millar and Discovery’s Katz were receiving extensive and wholly one sided publicity from Beamish via publication of Beamish’s publications in Moneyweb, a shabby failing internet publication run by Ryk van Niekerk, believed to be related to Discovery attorney George van Niekerk of Edward Nathan Cape Town.
  • Cora's report detailed the fraudulent and fictitious attendances claimed for by Millar in his bill of costs, and in which he sought payment from Mr Mashiloane of hundreds of thousands of rands, and in a matter where one of Millar’s unqualified staff members recovered a measly R37 000.00 (AUD $3 700) compensation for Millar’s hapless victim. Click here to view report and letter sent to attorney Anthony Berlowitz as also her Afrikaans email to Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk Click here to read as also the English translation of this email Click here to read
  • Cora had been instructed by attorney Anthony Berlowitz in her capacity as a legal cost consultant, and prior to her being employed by RBP Inc., to oppose an outrageous account - bill of costs submitted by Discovery Proxy Attorney Millar, for payment by one of his touted and impoverished black clients Mr A Mashiloane.
  • Van der Merwe had confided to Ronald, after he had called her in to his office for a pep talk , after she had been pressurised by the Practices bookkeeper with regards to various procedural irregularities and excessive sick leave;
  • She "wanted to open her heart" to him and that during the recording of the interview van der Merwe stated:
  • She had been contacted by Discovery hired media assassin Beamish who had sought to ingratiate himself with her by way of ongoing social media exchanges and telephone calls, and which she clearly understood to be intended to recruit her as Beamish's spy in the Practice.
  • That she would furnish Ronald with dozens of Whatapps she had exchanged with Beamish via her two cell/mobile phones as also her laptop that she had exchanged with Beamish, as well as a number of emails which Beamish had copied to her, which she understood it to be an attempt by Beamish to impress her as by demonstrating his connections with Judge Bertelsmann and others in high places.Click here to view email exchange from Judge Eberhard Bertelsmann to Tony Beamish. (It therefore came as no surprise that as a reward for van der Merwe stealing Practice, client and directors personal information off the Practices server for Beamish and Millar, a marketing initiative for van der Merwe's newly established buisness as a cost consultant - i.e. to prepare bills of costs on behalf of attorneys clients, and to oppose bills of costs against such clients, Discovery arranged and funded and indaba (seminar) on legal costs, and in which Bertlesmann, Millar and Beamish were promoted as presenters of such seminar.Click here to read the advertising material
  • That Beamish had told her that he owned a villa in the South of France, and that he regularly entertained one of South Africa’s most senior judges - Eberhard Bertelsmann(a reformed alcoholic and drug addict) , for a number of weeks annually together with his whole family at Beamish's villa in the South of France, and that Bertelsmann was assisting Beamish to facilitate his role in Discovery’s ongoing vendetta against RBP Inc. Ronald and Darren.
  • She knew how to "handle" Beamish so as to lead him to believe that she had been captured by him, and was ready and available to spy on the affairs of the Practice for him, because she had many years previously been employed by the South African Navy, and trained in counter espionage.
  • That she had been sent to a Russian University to study allied topics.

So as to provide Rawsthorne with insight to van der Merwe’s perverse, and to put it plainly evil character, Ronald detailed how after van der Merwe had been dismissed from the Practice, she had photo shopped a picture of Darren and his secretary Joan Berger from the firm’s website, inserted a photo of Joan’s baby in between Joan and Darren and emailed that fabricated photo bearing the message "you can ask Joan how much money Darren did gave (sic) her to have a baby and why" ,to Darren’s wife and to Joan’s husband in an attempt to ruin their marriages.

Rawsthorne was emailed a copy of an application made to court for a protection order against van der Merwe (Darren brought a similar application) resulting in an order being made against Cora.Click here to read the application for a protection order by Joan Burger, Darren's secretary

Rawsthorne whilst publishing van der Merwe’s malicious allegations against Ronald and Darren deliberately concealed this information. 

This is not the first protection order obtained against Cora as her ex husband was forced to obtain one on account of Cora arriving at his home and accosting him and his wife, as also trashing the premises. 

Rawsthornes allegations that Ronald “ said Ms.van der Merwe was a spy in the cold war” is a fiction of Rawsthornes malicious imagination, as is her catchy phrase in the print version “spies, lies and St.Ives” and likewise her fabrication that Ronald had said that van der Merwe was “ a former spy from the USSR, who had infiltrated his law firm”.

As is now apparent Rawsthorne was intent on parroting the false drivel written by Graeme Hosken in South Africa’s dwindling publication Sunday Times, and amusingly which Hosken had lifted almost word for word from an article in the Jewish Report communal newspaper, allegedly written by Tali Feinberg, but according to reliable sources, by Beamish.

As will be noted from a screenshot Click here to view South African Jewish Reports contact us page taken off the Jewish reports website, its controlling board includes Shaun Matisonn - a director and principal officer of Discovery, and others known to be closely associated in one way or another with Discovery's directors, Gore, Schwartzberg, Broomberg and co.

If Rawsthorne or Hosken had sought comment on the perjured allegations by former RBP bookkeeper and Discovery recruit Bernadine van Wyk, aka Jansen van Rensburg, aka Burgers, they would have been told:

That van Wyk had been recruited by way of a bribe offered to her by Millar on behalf of Discovery and which included payment of R1 million, employment by Discovery, and which was dependant on her stealing the entire contents of the Practices computer server and containing the Practices entire bookkeeping system, incorporating client ledgers, the Practice’s general business ledgers, directors personal financial information and everything else relating to the Practice and its clients, and making same available to Millar, Discovery’s hired media assassin Beamish, and Discovery’s attorney George van Niekerk of ENS Cape Town. As will be noted in the affidavit by RBP receptionist Ms.Liza Bouwer to whom van Wyk had confided what she was up to, it was clear the plot was that van Wyk should set up the Practice of RBP Inc. by way of dodgy bookkeeping entries, thereafter tipoff SARS which would lead to an audit, which van Wyk then confidently predicted to Lisa that the Practices directors would be arrested, and the firm being closed down in August 2012 at the time of the SARS audit.Affidavit by RBP Receptionist Ms.Liza Bouwer - click here to view

Rawsthornes dishonesty becomes almost embarrassingly clear where she reports “he (Ronald) said Mrs van der Merwe was a spy in the cold war” and earlier on in her article that Ronald detailed “a plot involving the fake kidnapping of a former spy from the USSR who infiltrated his law firm … Erin Brockovitch and MI-6”.

During Ronald’s explanation to Rawsthorne about the background to the Law Society’s decision to permit its members to utilise American style no win – no fee percentage fee agreements, whereby the attorneys would receive a percentage of the damages recovered for a client, Ronald told her that consequent upon the screening of American movies in South Africa in the late 1990’s featuring court cases in which attorneys were seen to be charging such fees, and that the movie dealing with a class action by the inhabitants of a small American town whose water supply had been poisoned by an upstream industrial plant, and which featured a Para legal, Erin Brockovitch as the star of the film, and in which her employers percentage contingency fee agreements had featured prominently, made a strong impact on South African viewers, and led to increasing requests by personal injury victims to their attorneys to act on the same basis. This is in fact referred to in detail in a 49 page affidavit filed by the Law Society in the landmark de la Guerre case, and in which the Law Society fiercely defended its stance that such agreements were lawful and valid in South Africa.

Rawsthornes reference to Brockovitch in the context of the USSR etcetera, was to somehow try and conjure up an image in the reader’s mind that Ronald had as it were, lost the plot.

The reference to MI-6 was in the context of Ronald relating to Rawsthorne Investigator Paul O’Sullivan’s background and credentials, which he understood to have included service with MI-6.

At no stage did van der Merwe say that she was or had been a KGB spy and at no stage did Ronald tell Rawsthorne that this was the case, although Rawsthorne falsely reported this to be so. Click here to view email to Ms Lizanne van Staden with whom van der Merwe shared an office and in which she berates Lizanne for telling Ronald that she had studied at a Russian University. 

Notwithstanding that Ronald had told Rawsthorne what van der Merwe had done, and as promised he emailed her an affidavit by Paul O’Sullivan in which Paul describes how van der Merwe after initially denying the allegations against her, eventually confessed in full when confronted with the scores of emails to which was attached material which she had stolen of RBP’s computer server and forwarded to Beamish.

Given corrupt and deceitful tactics engaged in by other Discovery media proxies in the past, Ronald told Rawsthorne after she had stated that she would be recording the interview, that she would do likewise, and the transcription will be made available on this site as soon as it is received.

Website viewers who take the time to read the transcript of the recording will soon realise how Rawsthorne deliberately concealed all important third party facts and material, including documents and affidavits by various presidents of the Law Society, correspondence from the Attorneys Fidelity Fund, and categorical rebuttals of any misappropriation or theft of client trust funds in the written report furnished on the 16th November 2016 by the court appointed Curator (receiver) to RBP Inc., after Ronald and Darren were forced to flee South Africa for fear of their lives, consequent upon ongoing threats to seriously harm them, and which threats continue now even in Sydney.

In particular Rawsthorne deliberately failed to even make reference to the explosive and exculpatory finding by the curator, notwithstanding that it had been mailed to her Click here to read the relevant extracts from the Curators report.

The curators report is also on Ronalds website, and on, and which she stated she had read and in which the curator staed the following:

“Detailed accurate reconciled records have been maintained and is available on request. On 10 October 2016 a month end and a year ending September 2016 report was compiled and all the balances were in place. A system integrity check was also performed and all was found to be in order” i.e. The Practices Trust account balances to the cent. i.e. if any money had been stolen/misappropriated from money received on behalf of clients, the trust account would not have balanced and there would have been a shortfall to the extent of any misappropriation.

“As at 4 November 2016 the firm has trust liabilities in the amount of R13,130,113-97 and trust assets in the amount of R13,130,064-94. The shortfall in the amount of R47-03 relates to VAT on bank charges which is being rectified”.

It is therefore clear that no money whatsoever, let alone the absurd allegation of an amount exceeding R1 billion and in respect of ill-gotten gains (stolen money) had been misappropriated, whereas in fact not a cent is missing.

" No claims have been lodged with the Attorneys Fidelity Fund, and the Attorneys Fidelity Fund is being kept appraised of the attendances made by the curator and his department, and the status of the winding up of the Practice of Ronald Bobroff and Partners Incorporated Attorneys".

The Attorneys Fidelity Fund is a fund set up by the Attorneys profession to reimburse clients whose attorneys have stolen/misappropriated the client’s funds. Click here to read the letter from the Attorneys Fidelity Fund

That the curator also reported, and the Fidelity Fund confirmed again almost a year later in 2017, that not a single one of the Practices thousands of former clients had made any allegations of theft or lodged any claims against the Attorneys Fidelity Fund.Click here to read the letter from the Attorneys Fidelity Fund

Although Rawsthorne was taken through the full background to the Law Society’s permitting, promoting and encouraging its 16 000 members to charge Common Law Contingency Percentage Fee Agreements and:

That it was therefore unfair and inexplicable why the court which struck Ronald and Darren off the roll of attorneys, did so largely due to a report by a Law Society employed inspector to the effect that to a large extent because the Practice utilised such agreements, (also that the court had )denied them an opportunity of a short postponement within which to file a report by a forensic auditor, and of filing opposing affidavits which would have clearly demonstrated that there was no truth or merit in the allegations made against them.

That the Law Society had filed a 49 page affidavit in the landmark case of de la Guerre , in which RBP's law society compliant common law percentage contingency fee agreement, had been attacked by Millar, on behalf of de la Guerre who had been touted for him by Discovery’s Katz; and in which the Law Society vigorously and staunchly defended its stance in permitting, promoting and encouraging its members use of American style common law percentage - no win - no fee - fee agreements. Click here to read the most relevant portions of that affidavit;

Rawsthorne remained silent about all the above material facts.

Ronald sent Rawsthorne an explanatory email, together with a number of important documents attached, as also the documents referred to below, and all of which were completely ignore by her. A copy of letter and all attachments appear below and each item may be clicked to view.

1. Letter to Sally Rawsthorne dated 3 August 2018 - click here to read

2. James Styan article entitled "Expose Unsettling Discovery" click here to view

3. David Gleason article entitled "Torque: Accusations Fly in Medical Aid Case" click here to view

4. Letter of complaint about Discovery's Katz sent to the Law Society on the 30 July 2015 - click here to read

5. Letter from Cora van der Merwe to Ryk van Niekerk, editor of Moneyweb regarding the Mashiloane report - click here to view

6. Translation of letter sent by Cora van der Merwe to Ryk van Niekerk , editor of Moneyweb - click here to view

7. Report from Cora van der Merwe on A.Mashiloane sent to attorney Berlowitz - click here to read

8. Cora van der Merwes tweet - click here to view

9. Index of Tweets - click here to view

10. Law Society Affidavit fingering Discovery - click here to read

11. Official criminal record of Bernadine van Wyk - click here to view

12. Fee agreement of de la Guerre and Norman Berger and Partners - click here to view

13. Letter of complaint regarding Katz and sent to the Law Society on the 30th July 2015 - click here to view

 14. Affidavit by RBP receptionist Ms.Liza Bouwer - click here to read

15. Letter from Katz to Law Society President Tony Thobane threatening legal action - click here to view

16. Letter to Law Society requesting a special meeting of members to be held and the requisition - click here to view

17. Opinion by Adv J Erasmus on Contingency Fees - click here to view

18. Paul Mullons Protection order - click here to view 

A further list of vital documents and emails sent by Ronald to Rawsthorne, and simply ignored by her appear below and may be viewed by clicking each item.

1. Email from Ronald Bobroff to Sally Rawsthorne dated 2.8.18 Subject Endless tragic stories of how this corrupt bully treats its  suffering members.

2. Email from Ronald Bobroff to Sally Rawsthorne dated 2.8.18 subject Cora Beamish's Pawn.

3. Email from Ronald Bobroff to Sally Rawsthorne dated 3.8.18 subject Elaines 40 years of service to charity.

4. Email from Ronald Bobroff to Sally Rawsthorne dated 3.8.18 Subject Moneyweb - Bobroffs - 2 July 2018Click here to read the contents of the letter.

5. Email from Darren Bobroff to Sally Rawsthorne dated 3.8.18 Subject Please retweet Ryk.

6. Email from Darren Bobroff to Sally Rawsthorne dated 3.8.18 Subject Tali FinebergClick here to read the content of the letter sent to Tali Feinberg of the Jewish Report.

Perhaps the clearest indication of the collusion between Rawsthorne and Discovery’s Jeffrey Katz, his media assassin Beamish and accomplice Graeme Hosken of the Sunday Times appears from them all following each other on twitter, and Katz tweeting Rawsthorne’s article within minutes of her doing so, Click here to view the tweet

The question may rightly be asked how and why at this particular time and day would these corrupt conspirators be following each other and tweeting about Rawsthornes obligingly delivering the goods, and obviously as will be noted in Ronald’s messages and emails to Rawsthorne deliberately as boasted by Katz served as a “special birthday present for Ronald’s birthday” which is on the 7th August.

What words are there to describe such persons, and does Rawsthorne have no shame or conscience ?